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What is the Rice Purity Test, and How Do You Play?

The Rice Purity Test is a self-assessment questionnaire that was first introduced by Rice University back in 1924. It measures individuals’ innocence or purity based on their behaviors and experiences.

History of the Rice Purity Test

Initially, the test consisted of 100 questions, but over the years, it has evolved and now consists of 50 questions. The test was created as a way for students to reflect on their behaviors and make better decisions.

How to Play

To play the Rice Purity Test, you answer the questions honestly and check off any experiences that apply to you. Each question you check off reduces your score. The more “pure” you are, the higher your score will be higher. The test encompasses a range of experiences, including criminal activity, deceit, and various forms of sexual behavior. It’s important to remember that the Rice Purity Test is meant to be a lighthearted, self-reflective tool, not a means for comparison or judgment. After answering all the questions, you’ll receive a score between 0 (least pure) and 100 (most refined), providing a unique snapshot of your experiences.


Each “no” answer is worth one point, meaning the lower your score, the purer you are considered. A perfect score of 100 would indicate that you have experienced none of the activities mentioned in the test.

Why Take the Test

The Rice Purity Test can be a intersting and interesting way to reflect on your past behaviors and see how “pure” you are compared to others. It can also deleverd as a conversation starter among friends or classmates.


While the Rice Purity Test may seem harmless fun, it has faced criticism for perpetuating traditional gender norms and shaming those who have experienced certain behaviors. It is important to remember that everyone’s experiences and choices are valid and should not be judged based on a test.


In conclusion, the Rice Purity Test is a famous self-assessment questionnaire that measures an individual’s level of purity or innocence. While it can be a fun activity, it is necessary to come it with respect and knowledge for others’ experiences.

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